ETA – The Camera Is Back!

Uzume pattern by Momma Monkey Yay! Second pair in SOS 2007 are done. I used Claudia’s Handpaints for these – first time I’ve knit with it, if you can believe that! Won’t be the last time though, great yarn, similar to Koigu. I wasn’t expecting the striping, but I rather like the overall effect. My third pair is also finished – that would be the fuggly “Fawkes“, but DD has run off with the camera for the weekend. The fourth pair is halfway done – this is a pattern of my own design in Zen String “Lotus Toes”, a club colour called “Lily”. You’ll have to take my word, they are pretty :). I did receive my July Pick Up Sticks club and it is nice – it included another fabulous Canadian yarn, Shelridge Farm and I couldn’t resist casting on (yet another!) pair, just to try it out. My Posh Yarns packet arrived too, and I can’t believe how gorgeous these yarns are – it almost seems a shame to make socks with it! I will update this post with the YP pictures as soon as the camera is back. SAM3 has almost wrapped up, my July socks were done, so I’ve signed up for SAM4. I’m pretty much keeping myself in enough socky-excuses to never knit a real garment again. DH and I went out with friends after work yesterday for supper at our favourite Indian restaurant – I am currently in a butter-chicken coma and am having trouble knitting over top of what was my waistline! Maybe I should go and poke about in the garden and burn a few calories – reminds me – Mama E’s “Karin’s Garden” is back in stock at The Sweet Sheep, for those who were asking the last time :). Cheers for now – piccys later…

Makes my heart go pitty patKB DesignsShelridge Farm
The Fuggly Fawkes (SOS’07 #3) broke the camera – OK, they didn’t, I left the mate at work! Can you imagine if that was my only project? Man there would be a rift in the fabric of the universe if I didn’t have some knitting!! I will post a pic soon :).

6 thoughts on “ETA – The Camera Is Back!

  1. you evil lil’ sock enabler you…now I”ve signed up for the Sock a Month KAL 4 thanks to you…but at least I’ll (hopefully) get some socky stash knitted up! thanks for the added pressure..(oh..hey I did that to myself right…) have a great day Karin!


  2. I love those pink and grey socks! They are so 1957, those were the days, Elvis, rock and roll, and pink kitchen appliances. ;-}


  3. LOL Joan! The real irony about my little sock problem? I rarely, if ever wear hand-knit socks! I’ve been toying with the idea of selling them, but I don’t know how that would fly…


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