Chevrons August Sock WIP's

I got nuthin’ – not even a shoe picture… A tummy bug has really cut into my knitting mojo. I’ve been working a little on my two Chevron Scarves, and a stitch here and there on my August socks. I’ve been reading more – always a chapter or so at night – but I’m halfway through “Whistling in the Dark” by Leslie Kagan and I can hardly put it down. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so totally immersed in a book – the writing style puts you right there, I think I’ll go and grab it when I’m finished my computer rounds :).

The Postman was kind this week, my Yarn Botanika arrived and some Twisted as well:

Yarn Botanika & Lanas Puras twisted
Take care and knit a few rows for me – maybe the yarny goodness above will speed my recovery :)…

7 thoughts on “Hmm-m-m-m…

  1. so sorry you have a tummy fun..bleah! but beautiful yarn porn as always 🙂 I picked up some 60% off Sockatta today along with some Tofutsies to head into holiday sock knitting. i got nada/nowhere/nuttin to show for my SockAMonth..i pulled the ones out of the basket but i have NO PAIRS…just lots of singles…sigh..very discouraging. oh well, i can look at your finished ones and dream of days to come…and there’s still time to finish a pair this month…really…if i focus…not good at that these days.


  2. send me your email addy and i’ll send you a copy of the pattern. it was only up as long as the cashtweed was available…i.e. gone in a snap, but i have the pattern saved on my computer.midwifeknits at yahoo dot com check out grace’s blog for a finished version 🙂 of the Voyager stole.


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