Back In The Saddle (Swing? Loop?…)

Gansey SockGentleman's Shooting Stocking
Thank you for all the good wishes, feeling much better this week and getting a little caught up. Here’s two of the too many KAL socks – Gansey done exactly to pattern in Fleece Artist and a very heavily-mod’d Shooting Stocking. I’m patiently waiting on the next installment of the Socktopia “Mystery Sock”, so nothing new there

The first of my August sock clubs arrived a couple days ago:

Autumn's On It's Way!
The Autumn installment from Loopy Ewe – the Claudia’s yarn is an exclusive for the kit and looks just like the leaves in my backyard will a couple months from now. Lot’s of other little goodies too :). Socks That Rock and Zen String clubs should be here soon –

And although I probably won’t get anything made with it (this month!) I do have some purple and brown yarn for my favourite Project Spectrum 2.0 triad as well as a little “Booty”:

Wooly Boully YARN Pirate Booty

3 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle (Swing? Loop?…)

  1. Lovely yarn as usual! I am so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather! I’ve been a little busy at work this week and seem to have fallen behind on my reading!Oh and I got your email about the Bee Shawl:) I have the yarn–I’m waitng for my jenkins needles to be made and shipped to get started. Hey maybe we can kick off at the same time eh?Feel better soon!


  2. Jenkins needles? I’ll have to look for those :). My “Bee Fields” kit arrived yesterday – it is SO beautiful – I love the yarn. I want to give this all my attention, so I can definitely wait to start. Keep me posted on the needles!


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