A Little Slow On The Knitting Front

Black Pearl cashmerePart 4 Completed
I picked up my most recent One Planet order at the post office yesterday. I couldn’t resist casting on the Black Pearl cashmere. I hadn’t actually touched anything 100% cashmere before that, and now am wondering why everything I wear couldn’t be cashmere :)! I’m knitting a dressy scarf out of the single skein I bought (Polynesian Plum colourway), it’ll be just a slight diversion from the other projects patiently waiting.

I did make an effort to complete the foot (Part 4) of my Socktopia “Mystery Sock”, this bit was released Friday and I’m hoping to keep up with everyone else. The (old) Sweet Georgia that I’m using is so lovely to work with, a very soft twist. Going back and forth between the two yarns, I really don’t feel a vast difference (believe it or not.

I have also been doing a little bit of photography work for the day I am on Ravelry. I’m not sure if I’m shocked, horrified, proud or pleased, but I have a sh**tload of yarn. I’m cutting myself a little slack here, as I’ve been knitting almost since I could talk, and I’ve saved and been the recipient of other’s stash clear outs. But when stuff is neatly boxed, stacked and effectively “out of mind”, you really lose perspective on how much those stacks can hold. I may actually post a photo – more likely two – of the former sewing room, where I can only walk straight in and back out, due to the overflow of yarn boxes. Of course, that will be the day that DH reads my blog!

They aren’t looking very different, just longer, so no pictures, but Chevron Scarf and Sunshine Tank are progressing. I am really pleased with my latest KB sock too, and hopefully DD will have time to put together the picture and title for me.

Life in general – good. DD was promoted to a “key holder” postition at her part-time job, DS has an interview for his first real job tomorrow and DH arrived safely home after a week spent in Portland OR and Vancouver (a quick visit with my brother). I have been training a new analyst where I work, a welcome nod, as I am still so new there. Lot’s going on, much like everyones’s fall routines I’m sure.

These are the other One Planet Yarn & Fiber goodies that arrived with my cashmere, and also my store-credit goodies from Loopy Ewe:

Sock & Scarf yarns It Was Burning A Hole In My Cyber Pocket
(You can click the pictures for details, if you’d like)

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  1. Wow! Tough question – there are so many nice sock yarns and new ones coming out all the time. I love Claudia & Koigu, they are very similar, Twisted’s bamboo is fabulous and Natural Dye Studio’s merino/alpaca is a really nice treat.


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