Happy Birthday!

My Firstest Baby It was twenty years ago today….

DD turns twenty today – feeling a little (wistful, nostalgic, stunned… )

Big party at our house last night, so my day was spent cleaning – not knitting, as is the norm for my Saturdays and then DH and I went out for a date while a horde of Twenty-somethings descended on our house.

A total success! Fun had by all and another Teen passes into the next phase.

Turn Around And You're Two...And here she is – don’t ask me how twenty years flew by so fast – I’m feeling a little vertigo about the whole thing right now!

There was knitting done but not enough that’s exciting to show today. (Well, if you really want to see it, here ’tis).

My August Yarn Pirate club package did arrive this week. This one is a beauty with YP’s newer BFL fingering in a fab colourway. Hoping my Duets and WoolGirl clubs for September will get here soon – it does sometimes take a while for kits to get across the border and the “Spoilers” are starting to appear – must have will power!

I had my new Addi lace needles from the Loopy Ewe arrive this week as well. I’m anxious to try these out after all the excellent reviews. As an Addi fan (yes, even of the “stumpos”), I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

Argh-h-h, Another Addition To The Treasure Chest!Another Chevron Scarf and Autumn Socks

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