Much ado about knitting….
Most of my week has been spent making my Ravelry page somewhat useful and hopefully, attractive. As I suspected, it is a total time-sucker, but what a way to go :)!
It is very useful for keeping track of projects (WIP and finished), stash and books. Although, as I go through my stash for the first time in years, I am appalled at how much yarn I’ve been able to pile into one very small room.
However, that knowledge didn’t stop me from making a small addition to the pile. This little pile of loveliness brought to you by The Loopy Ewe.

Hope all my Canadian friends are enjoying the long Thanksgiving weekend.

4 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. The KSH is for a modular scarf – I’ve forgotten the name already! It was featured in a recent issue of Knitting Daily. Being the KSH ‘hoe that I am… couldn’t resist :)!


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