And The Knit Goes On…

Other than the little bit done on these projects, it’s pretty much been all Ravelry, all the time in my house. I continue to be aghast, ashamed, astounded at how much yarn I’ve socked (ha-ha) away…. and the books too! I find more of everything, including long lost needles and patterns, accessories, gifts with purchases, the family cat – not really :)… I know some people don’t want to do their stash tallies for Ravelry, but I’m finding it very useful. I can now open my own online shop and get rid of some of this stuff, ’cause I think I’m already in the Top Ten of “She Who Dies With The Most Yarn Wins”!

3 thoughts on “And The Knit Goes On…

  1. Got my Ravelry invite last night, immediately registered and started listing my stash and books. After 2 hours of inputting an incredible amount of info, I am also “aghast, ashamed and astounded.” But what’s really hard to face is the fact that I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface! May it comfort you to know you’re not alone.


  2. I’m with you and DeeDee (above). YOu are not alone. I repeat YOU are NOT alone! I think it has been a great help to keep listing my stash. I have more to go. I remember gorgeous stuff I forgot about. Sometimes when I get the itch for new yarn I can browse my online stash and slow down the urge. Sometimes I can’t! So I’m still adding more than I’m taking away!


  3. Thanks gals – I feel a little better :). It’s true, I have found some real treasures hidden at the bottom of the closet. I guess the only scary part is, I’m at over 300 (gulp!) stashed yarns and almost all of that is SOCK yarn!! (I won’t tell how much more I need to photo/org/upload).


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