What I’m Up To This Week

A little bit of this ‘n that. Lucky Lurker sock club for October – the colours are so pretty, even nicer in person! And Mr. Greenjeans. Owing to the persuasive powers of Connie – she twisted my arm, honestly! I’m working this in Dream In Colour’s “Gothic Rose”. Elegance socks and Trellis scarf are still on the go and I think I’ve finished my Ravelry uploading. I’m looking forward to when they expand the “Books” section of the site. I can’t believe I’ve finally got all this stuff organized – amazing!

3 thoughts on “What I’m Up To This Week

  1. Uh oh! People can see that?! I have what I think is called “An Embarrassment of Stash” (kinda like a flock of geese or a murder of crows). I will NEED people to come and shop in the “Sell” section, ’cause I’ll never get through all this :)!


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