I’m Workin’ On It!

Mr. GreenjeansVogue Trellis Scarf
Little by little, they are coming along :).

One more time! My do-over on Sockamania’s October pattern, “Elegance”, is a lot more successful than first try. These will be my only socks for October – wait a minute! – and September. Apparently, my self-induced 12-sock program has worked…

5 thoughts on “I’m Workin’ On It!

  1. Mr. Greenjeans looks great – I also succumbed to Connie’s temptation and will be casting mine on soon… same yarn, different colourway…it’s all Connie’s fault…


  2. I think Connie’s got big shoulders when it comes to taking the heat for all this DIC madness :)! I adore this yarn – something in “Seaglass” next, I think…


  3. Oooo- that Trellis scarf is beautiful!!(You don’t have time to knit socks – you’re too busy organizing all of your sock yarn stash!!)


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