Swish Goes The Broomstick…

Meow goes the cat,
“Plop” goes the hoppy toad
Sittin’ On her hat

Whee-ee, chuckled I
What fun, what fun
Halloween Night
When the witches run!

Thought I’d post this before we are inundated with little ‘uns looking for candy.

My progress on Mr. Greenjeans and how we spend Halloween. There will be big kids dropping ’round as well, and I wish I could get a photo of the dry ice blowing eerily across the lawn, but my ancient camera won’t cooperate!

Here’s some more (you can click for details, if you’d like):

2 thoughts on “Swish Goes The Broomstick…

  1. That is totally cool that you know it! My Hubby learned it in kindergarten, but I’d never heard it until he and I met. Being the biggest Hallow-Weenie around, he’s been singing it for the last week, now I can’t stop humming it!


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