He’s Done! ETA Picture

All Done! Not blocked yet – can you tell I’m excited? I think just a light steam to flatten out the cable rib at the bottom and then it’s good to go.

No “on a person” pictures until tomorrow. I’m still working through a miserable cold and I look like the wrath of God. Ironically, it’s been good for my knitting focus – when I’m not sleeping, I’m knitting :)!

You can click the picture for details…. Dream In Color Classy is FABULOUS! Thank you Connie, for conspiring with me when I should have been working :).

Yarnissima Sock Kit Nose too red for photo!

8 thoughts on “He’s Done! ETA Picture

  1. That looks excellent! Feel better soon, and we look forward to seeing it on your fully recovered self. šŸ™‚Giulia< HREF="http://knitfree.concepttwist.com/" REL="nofollow">KnitFree<>< HREF="http://pebbledashed.com/" REL="nofollow">Pebbledashed<>


  2. Thank you all :)! I loved this pattern – so quick and fun. Deirdre, the “Fratello” is a kit that you can by from Yarnissima. I don’t she has a club going yet, but I’m sure there will be a KAL for these.


  3. Excellent work, Karin – mine on the other hand is stuck on the cabling at the bottom. Now I’ve got my head wrapped around the new shawl that Knitty just released and Casbah sock yarn……….ahhhhh!


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