Socks? What Socks?

Dream In Color Shrug Finished Wow. Who knew that if you don’t just knit socks for sock knitalongs, that you can actually start and FINISH other clothing items?!

I must admit, as the end of the month approaches, and therefore, the end of certain sock KAL projects; I’m feeling slightly guilty about my decision to not do the socks. However, the dent that I’m putting in my sweater / shawl yarn stash is such a great motivator.

So, I rescued the DIC Shrug from UFO purgatory (that would be like a laundry baskets-worth, in my case). I love DIC “Classy”, I find myself going through my pattern stash, looking for ways to buy more :)! I think this will be for DD, I’m going to do another in black for me (’cause it’s slimming, dontcha know). I worked this in the round as much as I could – I hate sewing up knitted stuff, otherwise it was right to the pattern.

I need to vent, ’cause it’s happened a couple of times now. I need to get rid of some stash and I have some listed here and on Ravelry. What irks me, is people who email about wanting to buy stuff and once I’ve gone to the trouble of buying a mailer, taking measurements & weights, getting a quote from the PO, and emailing back; I never hear from them again. Or worse, I get an email telling me it’s too expensive and I can ship it for this much using such & such. Canadian postal rates are higher than US rates. It sucks, but it’s a fact. I have no need or desire to make money off shipping a skein of yarn to someone. I always offer to provide a link to the CP postage calculator and my Ebay feedback as a Seller is right here on my blog. ‘Nuff said.

Speaking of Stash, I’m trying to slow down on the yarn buying (the shock of the Ravelry inventory hasn’t worn off yet), but I did get some lovely Posh Yarn this week:

PY Emily in Gothic & Coronet

And in a moment of total Mum recall…. How’d I get from this…

DD at Three

…to this? (And why are her feet still on the table?!)

DD at Twenty

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  1. I think you’re right Bets. It probably shouldn’t bother me, but I was upset that someone would think that way of me. I probably will take your advise… hm-m-m, more time spent on Ravelry :).


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