Coming Along

Swirl Interrupted

Here’s the progress on my Sockamania socks, “Simply Love”. These are this month’s commute project and will do mulit-duty for a couple sock clubs, as I’m still knitting away on “The Stole of Doom”. That should be done in a couple weeks – I just have so little time to knit! I have some progress on my daily commute sock, now about half-way through the 2nd one. The yarn is Lanas Puras Melosa fingering – it’s like a fingering weight Malabrigo :).

Not much else, happening. A new position at work has upped the stress (in a good way) and the home front is “same as it ever was”. The bedroom wallpaper marathon is still ongoing – who’s the idiot who bought not-drystrippable paper?!

We are all on a “live with less stuff” kick (like the TV show) and I have been sorting through closets and files and piles and you name it. I had no idea just how much had accumulated over the years, the forgotten and the overly-sentimental. I really don’t need to keep all my concert tees, do I? Or tax returns from the 80’s? So, we are getting a jump start on Spring cleaning.

Just an observation – I LOVE Ravelry, it’s informative, fun and a great organizational tool. But, has it meant the death of blogging? By the time I do my thing over their, I really don’t feel like updating here at PSPRP or the sock club blogs (most of which are duplicated on the Ravelry site anyway). I almost never have time to “visit” friends’ blogs the way I used to, and I notice very few stop by here anymore. Anyone else finding same?

Yarn Pr0N, there has been some, most on my Flickr page, but here is the latest:

January Girl I Want Candy

And, the Not-yarn Pr0n:

New Dishes!

That’s it folks! Have a good weekend :).

4 thoughts on “Coming Along

  1. Nothing wrong with getting new dishes, or other sexy house wares. (I wouldn’t mind having a front load washer myself, just waiting for the old clunker we inherited with the new house to kick the bucket)I’ve always been behind when it came to blog reading, always playing catch up, but I still stop by here even if I don’t always comment (for various reasons, too tired to write coherently, just passing by the computer to steal a few minutes before Miss M clings to me again, or it’s that annoying quirk of my laptop where the keyboard doesn’t work but I can click around with the mouse). So please don’t stop showing off your socks and yarn pron here!


  2. I have another thought. I still get app. 200 hits a day at my blog with zero comments. Why is no one commenting, I wonder? Too busy whizzing by on the way to Ravelry? I’d guess if it was a dull read, they wouldn’t even stop by but they are. It’s a head scratcher. I feel like I am talking to myself and will stop probably if that continues. I joined a sock club finally, just one, and thought of you as I did. ;-}


  3. So true! I started this mostly to keep records of my knitting – the friends along the way have just been a bonus. I too, wonder about the volume of folks who stop by and don’t say anything – it does begin to feel a little bit like talking to yourself :)!Joan, congrats on the sock club! I have dropped a few and kept the ones I love – so much fun :).


  4. I was just having the same thought today about ravelry. I have been spending way too much time there. Although I have come up with some great projects also. I have noticed that I have less comments on my blog but I have new fun on ravelry. I have tried to keep up on reading blogs I am just not so good at commenting.


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