What should I do? I ordered yarn from an online store in October last year. I ordered from an Indie person / company, who is quite well known. The shipment never arrived, the replacement (promised in January) hasn’t arrived. The emails politely asking if I can expect a shipment have gone unanswered and my last email (I mean really – 5 months – I think I’ve been beyond patient!) requesting a refund has been ignored.

I’m not quite sure what to do – all their online activities seem to be going on as normal – no family issues, illness reported; a shop update, etc., but absolutely no communication with me!

Has this ever happened to anyone out there? Should I just keep emailing? I’m thinking this is pretty shabby on the Seller’s part (and Heaven knows, I am a VERY good customer).


8 thoughts on “Awkward!

  1. maybe you are being blocked, do you have another address you could try, oops I see that was already suggested Is there a place on the site for comments and feedback I know I would want to check it out if there is. I am sorry thats happening to you!


  2. No Way Girl! If something did go wrong with an order, I know you’d be all over it, trying to get things fixed. Given the popularity /size of who I’m dealing with (or NOT as the case may be), I’m really stunned that I’m being ignored. I’m not the biggest buyer in the knit-iverse(don’t listen to Hubby), but I’m constant and a big promoter of good Sellers. Oh well…


  3. I ordered from Sarah’s Yarn in Brooklyn, NY – I live in NJ. Package shipped Fed Ex ground. This yarn went to somewhere in NJ and then began a Fed Ex ground delivery vacation. Texas, Califoria, and everywhere in between. There was tracking info with Fed Ex so I was able to see my package transferred at each stop and where it went next. I think it took 2 months. I have let the yarn rest for awhile but soon it will be on the needles.


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