Could It Be? The Stole Of Doom Is Done!

Vogue Trellis Lace StoleWell, OK, I do need to darn in the ends, but at this point – doesn’t count :p !

I got up early this AM, knit what I thought should be the last repeat on both sides, measured, and yup – done. Had to re-learn grafting to join the two sides, not nearly as painful as I remembered it to be.

I had a chance to use the new (to me) “Citrus” Soak – very nice, and it came out wonderful!

So, this baby should be in the mail by Monday morning. Wuhoo!!

I will NOT be doing any knitting that I don’t want to do for the next very long while. I plan to cast on a sweater tonight that has been patiently waiting for the end of the stole. I might even boldly ignore the last couple of sock KAL’s that I stayed with – how’s that for daring 🙂 ?

And here is my “Can’t Wait To Get On The Needles” pr0n:

Tilli Tomas Plie in Jade

ETA: A couple more pictures of the finished Trellis Lace

Double layer edges Off to the Post Office

4 thoughts on “Could It Be? The Stole Of Doom Is Done!

  1. Thank you Ladies! It’s funny – I really enjoyed this, great yarn, simple pattern – but it just got tedious at the end – the reason for all the whining!Marie, “Soak” is really nice (no rinse, biodegradeable), I like the variety of scents, performance-wise, I think they are identical :).


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