No Really – Crochet Me :)


Finished up the Boteh Scarf (from Interweave Crochet). This was a fun project – and another great use for sock yarn :). I worked it in Seacoast Panda from stash.

Have just about finished the 2nd “Porthole Rib” variation and was inspired to cast on “Friggin’ In The Riggin'” – 3rd and final in my Pirate sock series, I’m looking forward to having them finished.

Always running more than 1 project – I couldn’t resist casting on one of my dkKnits skeins. It was calling me, I swear! I’m improvising a crochet scarf with it – something that is a little more dressy, to suit the merino / tencel blend, and it is wonderful to work with.

And I finally cast on my Sockamania “Simply Cables” in some stashed GypsyKnits. The 3-ply “Sock It” is so soft, lovely for socks.
Flounder, Did You Borrow My Scarf? Simply Cables

3 thoughts on “No Really – Crochet Me :)

  1. Hi Ladies! Thanks Marie – it was a fun project, and so quick, I’d forgotten that about crochet. And Grace, no – I’ve just been procrastinating. GDS III was going to be a set of all three plus the hat (a for sale pattern) and I just haven’t got there yet…. Work, kids, blech – all the ususal suspects! It will be done soon, as I HAVE to write the Pirate Socks and Rani socks, and I generally do these in batches :).


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