Happy Long Weekend – One More Day To Knit :)!

Interweave Crochet Weekend Jacket And speaking of weekends – the Weekend Jacket is sailing along. Just started the sleeves yesterday and hoping to have all my pieces done by the end of the weekend.

I pulled another KB Design sock out of the naughty basket (they weren’t exactly naughty – I was just overwhelmed with the WIP’s in my house). Japanese Lanterns was written specifically for some awesome Merlin The Cat handspun that came with one of my Monkey Bags – finished sock one Friday and sock two is underway. I thought I’d be clever and write real notes instead of cryptic Med / Dent shorthand, so this may actually be up in the shop soon :).

Jewel Box Scarf – my crochet scarf in dkKnits merino / tencel is about 3/4’s done – need to go to Michael’s and find the perfect crystal drops to finish up. It’s harder to crochet on the bus than knit – must need more practise.

I ordered some gorgeous Lara and Super Kydd from Elann last week – Lara for a short-sleeve Sirdar cardi and the mohair lace for Interweave’s Pineapple Ice Cardigan.

My April Booty Club arrived last week and my first installment of the dkKnits sock club. Check out Sweet Lime and – wait for it – Cliff Huxtable Sweaters :)! The last two months have been real winners for all my sock clubs – not a bad colour in the lot.

Made a new recipe for chicken curry last night – thanks Pam šŸ™‚ – and my family loves me, I really liked me when I had some of the leftovers for breakfast this AM. And just to stay with that theme, DD and I went and signed up for yoga classes, just for the month of June to start. I’m still a big chicken with my back – stupid SUV drivers – but I’m feeling pretty keen right now….

KB Designs Jewel Box Scarf KB Designs Japanese Lanterns

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