The Harlot Noticed Me;) !

This would be a happy, happy, joy, joy moment. I noticed that the Yarn Harlot has knit my scarf :)! How awesome is that? My name is mentioned – I am floored and very flattered…. This is an FO from 2006 and the pattern has been available here since 2007 – still my most popular – thanks Peeps!
Putting it up on Ravelry really helped – I’m still amazed when someone actually knits my designs, even the simpler ones – it’s a really good feeling.
Nothin’ new with my knitting though – I’m off to yoga tonight, tying knots in myself instead of yarn :).
Take care

5 thoughts on “The Harlot Noticed Me;) !

  1. Thanks Gals :)! I am devastated by his “death” – I’m thinking there should be a Warrick Memorial KAL. Seriously though, I will not enjoy the show nearly as much with Gary gone – hopefully he’ll get his act together.


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