I Went To Pow-Wow Last Weekend…

And couldn’t leave without “Corn Woman”. She’s carved out of moose antler and makes me happy every time I look at her :).
Only one FO this week – my Japanese Lantern socks. Can’t believe they’re done, and I’m loving how the handspun looks with the stitch pattern.
The FO in waiting, Jewel Box Scarf, was sans jewels for a long time but they have been found and should be done by next week.
I’m doing some secret knitting that will keep me busy for a while – and most likely posting about shoes, of which I have many :).
My second installment in the Seven Deadly Spins arrived – Wrath – and is again, just outstanding. Jen does for sock clubs what Santa does for Christmas. And the May Booty Club – also gorgeous, I may need to cast this one on right away.

4 thoughts on “I Went To Pow-Wow Last Weekend…

  1. Ha ha! The chocolate lasted until this AM – only because I “hid” it from me :).Wow – was it really that long ago? I love reading other people’s meme responses, but like Aloette & Tupperware, I’m glad they go through “off & on” cycles!I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices their word verifications – mine is ffedzxo – sending kisses to the Government? Not!!


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