Need… Sleep…

I know, it’s been forever. My graphic designer has been on strike (don’t worry, she won’t be grounded long). So without fancy graphics but still kinda cute – Japanese Lanterns Socks is now available for sale on Ravelry (here too, just not tonight).

I’ll ETA this post tomorah….

… And – we’re back :)! This pattern will also be available on my pattern page here, for any Non-Ravelers.

Again, the weekend felt so short – maybe ’cause we have so much to cram in during the summer days. I love gardening almost as much as knitting and it can be a tough call what wins!

I’ve been working exclusively on my Secret Knitting – love what I’m working on, love the yarn – have had one or two (!) moments – had to relearn a special cast-on – so glad I did, it will be making an appearance in my next sweater design. Unfortunately, this meant my sockies are waiting until the end of the week for attention. Heck! I even took my SK to the spa on Saturday – it is a rather “Zen” thing to do :).

I did get a couple of my sock clubs in just lately: Scout’s Swag, dkKnits, Yarn Pirate, think that’s it. Wait! There was also Wool Girl and Sundara.

Vacation is coming up soon – can’t wait :)! Trips with Hubby, kids too – if we can pin them down and lot’s of knitting – I have so-o-o many WIP’s that have to be gone… In the meantime, back to the SK, at the home stretch now!