Hm-m-m… Perhaps A Title?

Voila! Finished “Rockets Ripples”. It has already been gifted and the recipient is happy (the whole story behind the scarf – handyed, handspun, handknit) really appeals to some people 🙂 !

The “Kiri Shawl” is coming along. What a joy to knit with the Sundara Silky Merino Aran – it is some kinda gorgeous! I need to transfer it to a keeper thread and get a feel for how big it will be, likely I’ll use three skeins.

My March clubs are arriving… The first in the Embrace The Lace club is absolutely spectacular (of course – thank you Jen). And my March Stash Menagerie is soft, squishy, soft, subtle and soft… :). No idea exactly what sweater it will be but a cardi for sure.

I’m off to knit on this snowy (!) Ottawa evening but before I go… here’s the Yarn Pr0n: