I Need Help… :}

(Picture Gone – This bit of Stash is gone 🙂 !)

I have spent the last couple of weeks transferring the entire contents of my “sewing room” from the basement to an upstairs bedroom. I cannot believe how much yarn I have. Or counted cross stitch supplies. Or fabric and notions. I am utterly overwhelmed by my crafting addictions :(.
At one point (a LOW point) I had stuff in the old sewing room, our recroom, the new sewing room and my daughter’s bedroom (a large part of it – thank goodness she’s in Brooklyn for a few more weeks). So… the new room is more or less functional, DD’s room emptying slowly and the old room, despite still housing two (!) sewing desks and some orphan collectibles looks much larger :).
It has lead to the realization that, I need to pare down some of this stuff. I am donating the sewing items to friends and have no idea what to do with the cross stitch stuff. Like the knitting, I went whole hog with it – linen, silk, swarovski beads. I couldn’t get through a day without putting a few stitches in fabric. Now, not so much. Ebay, I guess. It’s where I got a lot of this stuff.
I’m skimming yarn as I put it away and anything that I’m not really happy to see unburied is in a box awaiting “Destash” or gifting.

Oh and the knitting (another handy way to get rid of yarn – heavy irony). Talula is coming along beautifully, although I admit to a love / hate relationship with Noro. And the Kiri shawl is about five repeats from finished – no picture, all shawls just look like the same blob until they’re off the needles and blocked. I’ve just finished the deep rib on my Twisted-V, it’s a quick knit and loving the Fiesta yarn :).

Talula Progress 1 Twisted V-Neck Start