FO’s And WIP’s This Week

Finished Thistle Mist Scarf :

Finished Thistle Mist Scarf 2

Opulent Raglan Start

Opulent Raglan

Glad to have finished the scarf – the yarn spun up so soft, a real joy to knit with. I heard back from KFI about the “Talula” so it’ll be back in the rotation next week. In the meantime, I cast on for the “Opulent Raglan” by Wendy Bernard. I’m using ToshWorsted in the “Fjord” colourway and it’s gorgeous, very soft and great stitch definition.

Two more sock patterns are in the works. My new series is Dance! The first one is being test knit (yay! and thanks M.), second one is just being translated to proper pattern format.

I received the first installment of Yarntini’s Semi Solid club and it is the most beautiful, complex, glowing blue I’ve ever seen. I may just keep this in the basket to pet and admire :).

Yarntini Semi Solid Club Aprl 2009

Yarntini Cabana Boy

And that’s it for today. Ciao!

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  1. Hi Grace! Thanks so much :). I’m a little slow with the finished projects lately (life and all that jazz) but enjoying the knitting bit.


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