The Creative Process…

I had made a couple “Fibre Resolutions” earlier this year. One being to get back at the design work. It’s been a very long time since the last KeiB Designs release. I am the Queen Of Procrastination, with a healthy sprinkle of ADHD and big time OCD.
Call me anal, I can take it 🙂 Although I prefer perfectionist, lol!
So, my LG “Solo” purchase of yesterday was calling me. Never mind that I have sock yarn in waiting that’s I bought …. years ago. I didn’t want to use an existing pattern, so sat down with my notebook and my Harmony Guide “Cables & Arans” to see what happened.
Several coffees and much online discussion of the “Supermoon Efffect” later… Voila! I have a cuff. I’m futzing with something that won’t bore me to tears or detract from the colour runs in the “Solo” and liking it so far.

The Creative Process... Part 2