Welcome 2013!

Dear Knitting Blog,
I am sorry for neglecting both you and my knitting for so long. I was having a fling with my other obsession – writing. This has paid off in the way of more stash of a different type. Fine writing tools and lovely papers and even a wee book or two published on Kindle. Yes. Yes, I do still like to let you know what I’m up to, smiles.
I don’t know if anyone ever still takes the time to visit here, if you do feel free to say hello. I am considering an update to how PSPRP stays in touch. The advent of Ravelry, which I love but also have been neglecting; seems to have replaced the voice of many of the small knitting blogs of the early 2000’s.
Although I don’t “DO” resolutions, I have been thinking how best to accomplish this and I am hoping to rebrand KarinB / PSPRP knitting patterns and to bring you the ones that have been sitting on the shelf for so long.
Dare I say that New Year’s Day 2013 did bring a little knitting to my corner of the world?
Oh yeah! I’ll go ahead and tempt that Murphy guy. If you’ve read here before, you know that any mention of a WIP seems to consign it automatically to the UFO bin, laughing at self. So in that daredevil spirit, I have begun a beekeeper’s quilt, the knitted version. I am already plotting the crochet version in order to satisfy my ambicraftstrous nature… And on the needles as well, a stashbuster scarf that may become a pattern in the future. No photos just yet… I’m not wanting to tempt the UFO Fates THAT much! Smiles,
If you’ve been by in the last several months, thank you and I hope to have a more lively rendition of PSPRP up and running soon.
Best wishes for the New Year and happy knitting!

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