Please Pardon My Tails

First post from the new home for Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl 🙂

Having just committed to and actually following through on my move from the Blogger platform to WordPress; I am delighted with the virtually seamless transfer. So many years of posts, projects and effort – I dreaded what might happen if I made the attempt. Fortunately, even in this short space of time, much has improved and here I am settling PSPRP into a new home.

My blogs and blogging have evolved – I like to think! – since the humble beginnings of my pretty, pink and very naif first attempts back in early 2006. No Facebook or Ravelry at that time, the knitting world seemed very small and cozy and my early posts certainly reflect that. I’ve loved seeing the evolution of knitting, the advent of Ravelry, Etsy and even Facebook for furthering the cause of Knitters everywhere!

It was important to me to keep my own little record of those times intact but felt limited by the old technology and formatting on the former PSPRP. This move to WordPress, where I have maintained a separate blog for my poetry for almost a year now, has been perfect in every sense. All the old flavour has come and there is only a very little “housekeeping” to do.

Hence the title of this post. You have to be a knitter to get it.

If you’ve just happened by, don’t be shy. I can talk forever about fibre arts and if you’re one of my old Blogger followers, please let me know. I apologize for my lengthy absences there, having everything together in this very user friendly platform should end those gaps.