Winding Up ~ Centre-pull yarn tutorial

Using a Nostepinne (replacement) « FreshStitches.

I moved a little while back and have yet to completely unpack my formidable yarn, knitting, crafting stuff.

Let’s just say that the spare room is floor to ceiling, all three walls full!

The urge to knit comes and goes for me. It never goes quite long enough for me to resist buying more yarn… Picard, I can hear you calling for me. Please desist or I shall make it so. Resurrecting this blog and finding myself with more hours in the day since said move, have me back in the saddle… as it were.

Finding a project was easy. That particular box of goodness was labelled. Finding my knitting “Stuff” though? Umm, yes. Still climbing the stacks.

What I was looking for in particular was my ball winder. I splurged and bought one several years ago and I love it. Fast and perfect, little yarn cakes every time. Alas, the winder is awol. (it was damn hard to resist typing “awool” but I wanted this blog to be more serious and professional than the old… NOT!!)

So, I’ve been winding my skeins by hand. A fibre art in itself and one that I haven’t done in a very long time. I’d forgotten the lovely tactile feel of a cherished yarn running through my fingers and how it is a good time to think about how that yarn is going to look in a chosen project.

I can wind a mean yarn all, years of practise and learned when I was little and “helping” my Nanny T., knitter extraordinaire, with her projects. What I love about a yarn cake though, it doesn’t try to escape when you’re knitting and that centre-pull. I love centre-pull.

I have a lovely yarn bowl that helps contain flight risks, those roundy ones that inevitably wind up under the couch tangled in media cords but with more than one project on the go all the time… I needed an alternative.

This tutorial is perfect! It’s all of the things that an OCD knitter needs in a self wound ball. Smooth, round, even and centre pull. I love it and had to share it.

Cheers! Kei