Just Zip it – Zipper Install For Knits Tutorial

I found this tutorial while browsing knit blogs and wanted to  repost so that its handy. I have a lovely, fitted crochet jacket that is languishing in the UFO bin because I am too lazy and too chicken to just go for it with the final detail, putting in the zipper.

Never mind that I’ve been a seamstress, I’ve hand-picked zippers into peau de soie wedding gowns. Something about sewing a zip into a handknit seems so… fraught with danger. I am one of those who will avoid a beautiful pattern if it has a zipper.

All that to say, this tutorial makes it look like something I can tackle competently and with confidence and so here is a share for any of you who may be experiencing a similar “separating zipper” anxiety. Bad pun intended.

Caro (Splityarn’s) uber easy zipper install