January Off The Needles

I feel like I can actually call myself a knitter again. I have two FO’s already. a third, planned WIP is well underway and I continue to crank out little hexi-puffs for my Beekeeper Quilt. Seems the year long hiatus of 2012 has lit a fire under me.

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy started as an idea for working through one (one!) box of stashed yarn and its not lost its charm for me yet. I am a self-described “Process” Knitter and could care less if anything is ever actually finished. With a view to potentially restock my shops though, the impetus to “git ‘er done” continues.

The Stash Before
SPNF #3 ProgressSPNF #2 Finished Hexi-puffs month of January 2013