Stash Enhancing

It’s been a VERY long time since there has been a “Yarn Pr0n” post. Mostly because I could open a store with the yarn that I have already accumulated.

If you look up the quote “Stash acquired beyond life expectancy”… my picture is there!

However, I recently had a birthday and received this gorgeous bit of yarny temptation from my Beau:

Four skeins of Unique Sheep’s “Eos” , a 2 ply / laceweight in 50% merino and 50% tussah silk. dyed in the gradient colourway “Japonica Dark, Susan Pandorf’s “In Dreams” shawl pattern and the amethyst dark beads to complete. Purchased from Earthfaire, a fabulous online shop that will be an endless temptation from now on!

Birthday Gift 2013


US Japonica Dark

I cannot WAIT to get my needles into this bit of lusciousness!

That begs the question. I am looking for the perfect bamboo circular. I am very fond of Crystal Palace and have not encountered any issues with the joins as is often mentioned here on the interwebs. I find the cord a little bit stiff as I am a fan of Addi and Knitpicks ultra pliable cords but that bearing at the CPY join is a spectacular piece of engineering – no kinks EVER. If I could have that with the Addi or KP cord… my Knitter’s life would be complete! 🙂 I would love any suggestions from any knitters who drop by. I’m leaning towards buying the Addi Natura click system but haven’t seen many reviews of it, good or bad.