The Beau’s Scarf

Love how this came out…

The Beau's Scarf Finished

I will be adding more to the fringe to fill it out, hand-tying a loveknot in several to mirror the rounded stitch clusters in the granny stripes. This and a black leather jacket will look great!

What I didn’t like so much was the Addi “Swing” hook that I started this project with. I bought one when they first came out and took it out of the package with great anticipation. It may be because my hands are small but I found the design of the hook unwieldy and it is heavy compared with the Clover and Aero hooks I’m more familiar with. It seemed I was flinging my elbows about to counterbalance the weight and couldn’t find the smooth, minimal motion rhythm that crochet should be. I persevered through all three bands to keep the tension consistent but switched to my favourite Clover 4.50mm for the remainder.

It was the colour that inspired me with the design for The Beau’s scarf and colour or texture are the things that most often motivate me to use them for a PSPRP pattern design. Here are two colour pallets that I am working with right now. One from a paint manufacturer – love this soothing combination and the other a colleague’s hoodie – these are my favourite jewel tones and she graciously allowed me to take a snap so that I’d have the reference!

Colour Inspiration