Pretty In Pink

I can’t believe how productive I can be when I stay focused. Number eight is flying off the hook a little faster than number seven. In fairness, I’ve only been working on seven during breaks at work… Breaks being the operative word.

They are already further along than these pictures and I’ve got the patterns picked for the last two scarves. Hoping to be starting those by the weekend. Poor Concetta… I was flying along on that but when I was about to start the sleeves, I realized I had no bamboo dpns in the correct size. I. Know. This is very difficult to believe considering how many sizes and types of needles I have but ’tis true. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of a parcel from Jimmy Beans to rectify that situation and to see the Manos del Uruguay “Serena”alpaca cotton blend that fell into my basket on the way to checkout.


SPNF #6 Finished


ETA: Totally forgot to post the finished photo of SPNF #6!

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