Yarn Bomb Friday

Usually when I post about Yarn Bombing, its all about the fun, funny or unusual.

I stumbled over this link early this AM and wanted to post it as much to say that perhaps if you’re local (Colarado – details in Liz’s posts) you could still participate but also to show the far reach of fibre enthusiasts. Of the many groups, clubs and activities that I’ve been a part of over the years, few have encompassed the true spirit of love, giving and support – even to strangers – that the online yarn family does.

Such a beautiful tribute

Such a beautiful tribute

Its hard enough to lose a  child, to lose one who you’ve held, nursed and watched begin their life’s journey… Is a pain that is incomprehensible to many. That this wonderful woman has been able to create something so positive and beautiful in remembrance of her daughter touches my heart and I’m sure yours too.

More of her story is here on her blog.