We Now Return You To The Knitting Content

I am diligently plodding along on those last two scarves:

SPNF #7 AND #10 - Progress

I got distracted by this little bit of shiny:

Chameleon Baby Blanket - StartChameleon Baby Blanket - Detail

This is my first square in the Chameleon Baby Blanket using the CPY Mini Mochi that I posted a while back. I had to learn the fpdc stitch and I’m convinced that I’m doing it wrong but it looks as all the other finished blankets I’ve seen, so I’m forging ahead. I love the colour shifts in the mini mochi, very pretty.

And a little yarn pr0n:

Manos Serena

I NEEDED  to buy a certain type circular from Jimmy Beans, this fell into the cart on the way out. Manos Serena, a pima and baby alpaca blend. I’m thinking perhaps the Dahlia Cardigan for this.

I had some time on my hands this weekend and so updated my galleries. 2008, 2009, 2013 and the Reader gallery have all been added to WordPress and links are given at the top of each page to the Flickr sets where you can find needle, yarn and project information.