FO’s And Progress

Finished SPNF #10! Yay!!

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy #10

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy #10

Umm… SPNF #7?

I’m working on it…

Finished the first square in my baby blanket – love it and am halfway through the second.

First square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

First square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

I love the fpdc – it adds such nice texture and really emphasizes the “Stained Glass” effect in the pattern. My first square is the “Storm Cloud” and “Rainbow Trout” colourways. The second one is “Storm Cloud” and “Bodega Bay”.

I am really looking forward to the coming long weekend. Two extra days to putter with yarn and hopefully get #7 finished and then the lot of them to Etsy. I have some editing to do on a sock pattern – an old club exclusive, never available to the general public. If I can accomplish all that, I’ll be very happy!