New Boots, New Baby Blanket

Finally destashing this beautiful Baruffa merino 2-ply lace. I’ve had it so long, I’ve forgotten what I purchased it for. Yes, sometimes I bought yarn with an actual intent to use it and not just add to my hoard!

Nine months! Oh snap... Thought it was nine YEARS!

Nine months! Oh snap… Thought it was nine YEARS!

I’m working the “Recuerdos de Infancia” crochet shawl or as I’m calling it “Baby’s Christening Shawl” I’ve down-sized the hook that’s called for as the pattern is written for fingering and I’m using lace weight. Likely, I’ll be doing more repeats to get close to the same finished size. Feels rather like working with spider’s web after all of those worsted weight scarves!

Third square for my Chameleon Baby Blanket is finished, six more to complete the parts of the centre panel.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

SPNF#7? I’m working on it…

The Beau was off on a business trip and brought me back some cowboy boots. I’m thinking I may have found the inspiration to get the 3rd design for my dance-inspired sock series onto some graph paper. This will mean that my title of “Queen of Procrastination” will be up for contenders 😉