WIP Progress

Concetta is coming along. I’m working the patterned yoke part now.

Jubilee is my “on the go” project, small and portable and I’m about a quarter of the way through on  the do over with a different yarn.

Chameleon Blanket was just needing some more of the darkest colourway of mini mochi to continue. I lucked in and found some at Simply Socks in Fort Wayne so I hope to get back at that soon.

Recuerdos de Infancia, I haven’t worked at much. Liking it a lot but there’s no real rush to get it finished. Yet! Have finished up the main body section and about to move into the more lacey mid-section.

So nice to have found the initiative to finally get these older projects finished up. I still have Startitis but have managed the discipline to come back to the old stuff too. Now just need to get cracking on a Cafepress overhaul – so much has changed there since I first opened my shop for PSPRP logo stuff! It’s a much nicer set up.