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Anaea, now blocked and ready to go.

Finished for real :)

Finished for real šŸ™‚

And here is a closer look at the stitch pattern. This wouldn’t have been my first choice for a shawl. It was kitted up as one and I had begun the knitted version, included with the kit just over a year ago. I do love both yarn and pattern though.

Anaea Shawl Detail

A request from a fellow Raveller to buy some of my stash, led to a lengthy stash dive over the weekend and I came across some Elann Superwash Bamboo. Purchased years ago and with a note about the specific project it was for, it just grabbed me when I was really anxious to start something new. Couldn’t find the intended pattern but did find this, the Julissa pullover. Now these two… Yarn and pattern look to be a very harmonious fit and as I am just wrapping up neckline increases, it looks pretty good.

Elann Superwash Bamboo and cables.

Elann Superwash Bamboo and cables.

If anyone is interested in helping me get unburied from all this fibre goodness, here’s a link to my destash page on Ravelry, until I can set something up here for convenience.

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