Make It Monday

I know I’ve seen that phrase somewhere else, can’t think where though. I like it and I think it may be my Monday theme for a while. I like to believe it’ll motivate me to truly BE making.

In that vein, here is my Julissa progress. Ready to pick up the sleeves. Super happy with this one, other than that little stitch marker mishap :).

Ready for sleeves.

Ready for sleeves.

Front cable panel.

I think I will wait until my 12″ circulars get here to do those sleeves. The 16″ is pulling just enough, even before any decreases that I think it’ll be a hassle. I’m not a fan of dpn’s for sleeves unless I have to use them. While I wait for those, it’ll be back to the chameleon blanket for crochet and I think I’ll cast on my Jose by Jane Ellison.

ETA: I didn’t want to put it down! I used the “four sticks” method and finished sleeve one last night. I love dpn’s for socks but not for sleeves. Nonetheless, it came out nicely and I’m that much ahead, yay!

I’ve finally taken the time to make time for my Etsy shop. In truth, I’d been procrastinating because I remembered the listing process as rather arduous and that from a high tech person. A lot has changed, so I’ve updated the about, changed the name (I’m glad they offered that option but sure wish it wasn’t character space limited – I couldn’t use PSPRP, sadly) and even have a few items listed.

I’m happy to be back at it there, although being on Etsy, the temptation to browse and buy is nearly overwhelming.  So many talented and creative people there!