What Do YOU think?

Some of you who come here and read regularly may have differing views about what I post. I am grateful that we have many things in common and this is a fun place for me to post my work and thoughts and that for the most part, we have fun and nurture the creative spirit. This woman and her ugly negativity, have left me unable to not pose the question:

What are your thoughts on this person’s remarks on my last Friday post?


Personally, I would never dream of going to a complete stranger, or anyone for that matter blog and making this kind of pronouncement about something they had posted.

Quite frankly, I think it shows poor taste and lack of manners. Like going to their blog and saying you think their home furnishings are ugly or that their children look abused.

If you don’t like what you see, move along. You don’t know me and have no right to judge. Just because this is the internet does NOT give you the right to impose your OPINION – which, for the record does not make it common sense. The world is not your soapbox.

Sincerely, Mother of two + two others, responsible pet owner and pet foster home for decades

4 thoughts on “What Do YOU think?

  1. I think that even if that is your opinion of animal costumes, that any sort of disagreement should be approached with civility and an attempt to see the other person’s point of view. I think she just wanted to start a fight for the drama.


    • The funny thing is, I would never dress up a pet but I know folks who do. Heck! It’s an industry – reputable pet stores sell them. Many pet owners see it as an expression of love for their pets and that is their opinion. Who am I to tell them otherwise? It doesn’t harm the animals or the SPCA would be all over that.
      My point was more that people have opinions, this does not make them common sense. My opinion is that men with long hair are beautiful – is that common sense? Not even a little bit and were I to go about putting derisive or denigrating comments on strangers’ blog photos of their bald husbands, I’m quite certain I’d be met with much the same reaction that I’ve had.
      The golden rule of opinion is: don’t give it unless it’s asked for.
      Thanks for chiming in. I really do believe that we should mind our collective manners on the Internet just as we would in person. In my opinion 😉


  2. ETA: checked with the SPCA here and with a dear friend and turtle owner. Quote: It’s like a turtle cozy! House turtles are prone to drafts and as such, would likely enjoy the extra warmth provided it didn’t restrict their movement”. What responsible and loving pet owner would not ensure that?
    As a lover of animals, supporter of the WWF and the proud “owner” of a beluga whale, I really take exception to this kind of – perhaps – well intentioned but very misleading comment.
    Check your sources people. That is one thing the Internet IS good for.
    My favourite is her permission to delete any comments as it’s my blog. Yes. Yes it is and thank you. That’s kind of like letting your dog poop on my front lawn and then telling me that I’m welcome to clean it up.
    How about just don’t poop on my lawn…? ‘K. Thanks.


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