Yarn Pr0n

Oh and what a luscious bit of pr0n it is! My “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” Codex, dyed by the Verdant Gryphon arrived yesterday. I am in silk heaven. So now, what do I make with this? It’ll have to be something spectacular or perhaps… I’ll just buy a display case 🙂

Silken pupas and threaded rainbow butterflies on poetry...

Silken pupas and threaded rainbow butterflies on poetry…

Also these new tools

New Knit Picks sunburst needles and Clover hooks.

New Knit Picks “Sunburst” needles and Clover hooks.

I noticed about a year ago that when I was knitting in the evening, that my metal Addis, my favourite needle for years now, were flashing in the light. To the point it was really irritating to the eyes, not to mention distracting. I’ve found myself using my bamboo and wood needles more often and was happy to catch a sale of Knit Picks’ “Sunstruck” needles. Just like the Harmony needles but in a light birch finish. I’m hanging on to my “lace” Addis, they have the newer, more pliant cord but will be donating my older ones to  Goodwill.

Gradually phasing out my very old Aero crochet hooks too. I’ve had some these from the time I was in my teens. Since discovering Clover and my new favourite, Tulip Etimo hooks, I’m enjoying my craft so much more. Now, if my Llama Daddy would spring for some of those ergonomic and gorgeous new Furls hooks…