I came across these photos from June of last year. I went to a local powwow with my BFF. This one is small, right in the heart of a large park in our city. I call it an “Urban Powwow”. All the tradition and with accessibility for school trips, seniors. It was a very good day.

One of the highlights and totally unexpected, was this guy:

One of the best KIP moments I've seen!

One of the best KIP moments I’ve seen!

Security at local festivals is very normal, laidback and this fella had the right idea for one that is so mellow and family-oriented. Tapping his toe to the traditional music and… knitting socks! BFF is another avid knitter and so we chatted with him for a bit and then went back to enjoying the music.

Fancy dancer

Fancy dancer

Another highlight was speaking to one of the vendors there. This gentleman was a professor at University of Illinois, now returned to live in his country of birth. He was there as a dancer and also to vend wonderful, embroidered shirts in Traditional motifs, that he had created. When we met him, he was in full regalia and an imposing figure at over six feet. His arm and leg bands were beaded with both the Canadian and USA flags, as his family is Seneca Nation. I wish I’d thought to ask for a photograph.

These things were top of mind earlier today, as I will be celebrating Canada Day on the first of July and Independence Day on the fourth. I’ve always been interested in my roots and part of my family are Loyalists from Cape Cod. others are more recent immigrants and some were here before the world began. I love the connectedness that comes of seeing extended family and homeland as opposed to seeing just borders. Finding these photos today, made me think about my beliefs regarding pride of country, respect for roots and embracing newcomers. The strength of a nation is its people.

With that, I’m off to by some kitschy Canada Day “stuff” after work. I have a couple of Americans joining me this year and they might as well see the full red and white Canuck experience 🙂