In Keeping With The Tour de France Theme

This is a wonderful animated movie from 2003, a Canada / France collaboration. It tells a story of Champion, who lives with his grandmother Mme. Souza and her beloved dog, Bruno. Champion becomes a dedicated bicycle racer, just as his parents, under the tutelage of his grandmother, who is his guardian.

When Champion disappears during a leg of the Tour de France race, Mme. Souza sets out to find him and soon she is enmeshed in a nefarious Mafia plot. Befriended by the Triplets de Belleville, once famous entertainers of the 30’s, no fallen on old age and hard times, the story of how Mme., Bruno and friends is very entertaining and the music is wonderful!

It can be dark, I would not recommend this for younger children, unless you screen it first. It is however, a favourite in my family.