What’s Doin’

I am closing in on the finish line of my Tour de France KAL. About five more rows to work up, as I take this short refreshment break. I’m certain Row 11 of Chart F will benefit by my having a cider! I really like this project. Quick, easy, the pattern is flawlessly written, with attention to detail that really enhances the design. Love it Natalie!

I’ve been on an updating spree with my older patterns. After a satisfactory close to a stressful year and a half, I feel like the creative flow is really benefitting. It’s amazing how the removal or resolution of a problem can make such a difference! What I’ve done in my Ravelry shop, is to update all the patterns with new, current and more varied yarn suggestions and to fill in the gaps that the old format had versus the new. I’ve added the tension and language and updated the notes where applicable. I’m very much looking forward to getting some of my  notes transcribed to pattern format soon. I’m working on an update of the PSPRP “branding”; photos, PDF’s, they could all use a little facelift, I think 🙂

Tomorrow is a day off for picnics and just hanging out. So looking forward to that and wishing you all a peaceful Sunday…