Make It Monday

Is a fail!

It is too stinking hot here to knit. Sweaty too and my Pere Lachaise is being done on bamboo pins… It’s like knitting in a sauna. This isn’t a complaint – I love the heat and the humidity but it sure isn’t conducive to knitting.

I will finish today though. With just two rows left, a half hour lunch break and A/C at work, there won’t be any reason to not have this wrapped up.

There have been some shop updates by my favourite dyers lately and I’ve scored a lovely or two. Here is a little Yarn Pr0n for you:

Gone Glamping and The Village

Gone Glamping and The Village




7 thoughts on “Make It Monday

    • It’s become a very “hot ticket” since the last time I purchsed it. This one is on the “Cozy” base, a rustic spun. It has a really nice hand and I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl. I’ll be sure and let you know 🙂


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