Make It Monday

… Dawns with no sign of an FO.

True, the weekend was very busy and some time was spent in fibre-y pursuits but it was of the “OMG, if I don’t organize this stash, it’ll take on a life of its own” nature. I have a ridiculous amount of yarn. Most of it is now binned, labelled and most important, Ravel’d. Half the battle with this bunch of yummy goodness is remembering what I have. Inevitably, when a new project catches my eye, I wind up buying more yarn to make it. Only to discover later, I had something suitable already!

Hieroglyph is completed and just awaiting photos. I’ll be so happy to finally have this written up and available. It’s just a bonus that my “Queen of Procrastination” title remains intact and unchallenged!

Have a painless Monday 🙂

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