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I’ve been able to do, or start a few stash busting projects since having got my work room better organized. One of those is an afghan for my DS, started too long ago. It’s coming along beautifully and promises to be finished quickly enough that I can forgive the heavy acrylic content that isn’t pleasant to work with.

I do love this workhorse yarn for heavy-use home items – and boys 🙂 – the colours were picked by him and I do like seeing the progression. It’s worked in Paton’s Decor on a 5.50mm hook, I’m using a ripple pattern that I know by heart, probably picked up from an old Beehive leaflet. Super easy:

Autumn Ripples

Autumn Ripples

Yesterday was September first, I’m still a little amazed and how quickly this past year has gone. There were huge changes, challenges and adjustments to many aspects of my life. I wasn’t particularly introspective yesterday, too busy! I spent the day with Mum, Dad and my sibs to celebrate sister Lori’s birthday. Helping the Parentals put together some new patio furniture and catching up on everyone’s news, as we don’t often have the chance to all get together.

One thing did strike me though. The First morning I woke up here, in this new place, I looked out my window in the early morning to see a cavalcade of hot air balloons over the near horizon. They are part of a festival that takes place yearly across the river. It struck me as a good omen at the time, I took some photos and over the last few months, forgot about it.

Yesterday, fresh coffee in hand, I went to look out at the coming dawn and was greeted by the sight of the cavalcade again. It brought back a total recall of that first morning for me and again, I couldn’t help but feel it for a good sign.

These are some spontaneous, through the screen photos. The sun was bright, the sky blue and the intermittent “shush, shush” sound of the balloon fires was one of the few sounds at that hour,

Just wonderful…

IMG_0414 IMG_0415 IMG_0417 IMG_0421

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