Wee Update

Ugghh… Not feeling very well the last couple days. Moving very slow. I was a the dentist’s yesterday morning, a good thing I love the dentist. Makes sense for a former CDA but the afternoon was the second bloodwork lab in two weeks. I hate that. I’m not that brave about needles – understatement – and they always have trouble lately finding a target. That means i’ll be sporting another nasty bruise. Anyway…

I have made some progress on my DS’ afghan:

Bee's Afghan

I’m happy that it is finally getting done and just as glad to gain the extra space in the work room.

Despite feeling ick today, I figured it’s about time that I move in a bit more and so between rows of double crochet, I’m hammering together this chest of drawers.


Nothing like a little carpentry with your crochet and now there’ll be no excuse for the piles of clothes on the floor. Unless I can make one up 😉



2 thoughts on “Wee Update

    • The nice thing about the afghan is that it’s beginning to really feel like Autumn here and as I can’t quite yet give up my open windows, it’s bit enough to keep me warm. I really enjoy putting together this Ikea brand furniture. It’s a little like reading a chart but with a totally different type of “FO” at the end of things :).


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