I will preface this by saying that I am as thin skinned as Fiona Apple.

Get it? Current events reference. I’m feeling very looped in.

What I don’t feel hip to is mean-spiritedness and so… Is there a point to the “Disagree” button on Ravely?

To disagree indicates that there might be a thought process behind an action. Disagreeing should engender discourse, the why of, countering points, constructive suggestion even. An opinion should be something that requires the conviction of it and not anonymity. For the record, preferring your colours of puce, chartreuse and shitbrickle brown and to disagree with a new knitter’s first proudly-shared finished knit is more indicative of one’s lack of manners. Opinion and personal taste should not be insulted – this is creativity, artistic expression. If we were all the same, the world would be a bloody boring place. Not to mention we’d all be fighting over the same skeins of yarn! It certainly is a shock to see so much cowardly ill-will displayed by fellow knitters.

Why doesn’t Ravelry rename it what it really is?

A “Vent your spleen” button”, Ā “I’m A Disagreeable Cow button”, I Didn’t Get Laid Last Night button”, I’m PMS’ing button” or most accurately; “Bully Button”.

There are enough ways that people can be unkind, rude and thoughtless in the world, especially in the online venue. I think Ravelry should consider removing this feature. It serves no useful purpose and only encourages cowards and boors.

If you have an opinion, state it – kindly and courteously. If you’re too afraid to type those words out, then you need to rethink your desire to click that button.

Just my opinion.

Educational… Interesting… Funny… Agree… Disagree… Love…

ETA: This vent prompted by the response to several lovely projects, in some cases there were many disagrees on one. I expected disagrees on mine – it is, unfortunately, a given with forum posts on Ravelry. My heart hurt for those who might be new or newly returned to the craft. They deserve nothing less than thumbs up and encouragement.

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  1. I think trolls like to hit disagree on everything just because they can:( Did you know that in the settings on your Ravelry forum page you can turn off the disagree button and it will no longer be visible to you? It makes forum reading much more enjoyable.


    • I did! Thank you for mentioning though, I had totally forgotten andI’m sure some may not be aware. I simply avoid the forums the last few years for that reason and I’ve been on Ravelry since beta days. My point was more that trolls and their ilk should not have tools of any sort. The whole “Disagree” thing just seems to be the antithesis of the warm and nurturing spirit that most fibre folk generally share.


  2. As said above, some will just because they can. Others will do it to see if they can start some thing and cause much dischord. Then there are those that for whatever reason, deliberately want to hurt others. They aren’t happy themselves and don’t want others to be. It sounds to me as though perhaps management should step in and tell the offender to shape up or ship out. There is no reason this should be going on anywhere.

    This is my opinion


  3. So, are they just going to let it go and do nothing? That’s not good. I’ve been thinking about going there. I was there earlier this year, in a group. I won’t do that again there. I stayed away from the forum.


    • I would be surprised if it changes. Ravelry is a huge entity now and there is a lot of fun and good to be found there. I just believe that people should be accountable and polite when they are online.


      • Yes, I do agree with you. I was wondering. Are you in a group there or do you just use it to showcase your products and write out your patterns, etc. If you sell from there, how is it handled?


      • Your most welcome. Can I just be a member and buy a pattern here and there and showcase my work there? My main purpose for being there would not necessarily be to sell. I need the practice in writing patterns and supplies and link to other places.


      • You can join any group on Ravelry, usually they have a specific theme or purpose. So on mine for instance, you’d be posting items made with KB Designs patterns. You may want to do a search there to find groups that interest you. As to selling, you’d need to have a “shop” on Ravelry and there is all kinds of information on the site to direct you.


    • Honestly, I do the same, although for the most part I love the features, it’s a part of Ravelry and human nature that I don’t care for. Give me the nurturing of my local knitters group šŸ™‚


    • Ya”ll come from a generation where folks treated each other more properly, the way they should. You have morals and scruples and no that isn’t the way to treat others. Although
      things will happen in any group like that, some are going to see how far they can push and be
      nasty to others. I wish I could find the right words to tell you why I think it bothers you so badly.
      If you choose to join any other groups, just be careful and try to read between the lines. Watch what others say and how they say it If you feel the group isn’t for you, too much bickering, etc,
      if it were me, I would leave them. Course, I know you can’t leave the group you created. I just don’t know what to tell you………


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