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So… I couldn’t wait until The Retreat. I had to try these new Karbonz. Verdict: really like them.

They are light like bamboo, smooth like wood and the nickel plated tip has a perfect point. Smooth and sharp but not so sharp as to split plies. Warm in the hand and flexible which is a huge bonus as I have arthritis. The seam between the tip and the body of the needle is noticeable as had been pointed out to me but not enough to interfere with the movement of the yarn or the flow of the knitting. After a few rounds, I really didn’t notice it anymore. Just in time for Christmas, Knitter’s Pride has come out with a gift box of the interchangeable circulars – more temptation!

I’m using Kureyon sock and an old favourite pattern, Ridges and Ribs by Criminy Jickets. Other than the first colour shift is taking forever on these tiny 1.75mms, I am liking how yarn and pattern are talking to each other. Picture is a little dark, sundown comes so early now that we’re halfway through October.

Noro Sock Cuff

Noro Sock Cuff

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